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Hearing Aids in Montrose & Gunnison, CO

We have an excellent selection of hearing aids that are fitted to each individual. No one person has the same hearing aid needs, this is why we provide consultation, fitting, and mainteance services for our patients. This assures that all of your hearing needs are met, and you have the comfort of knowing that we back all of our products and services.


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How Well Are You Hearing?

Common Signs of Potential
Hearing Loss

  • Difficulty hearing in a noisy environment
  • Women’s voices are more difficult to understand than men’s
  • Hearing seems o.k. but clarity is a struggle
  • TV & radio volumes are too high for others
  • Crowded environments increase listening difficulties
  • Ringing or other noises in the ears


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Phone: (970) 249-3971
Fax: (970) 249-0219


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